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Intel NUC Board NUC7i7DNBE

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Intel NUC Board NUC7i7DNBE

Intel® NUC Board NUC7i7DNBE bare-bone. This is the same board used in Roon Nucleus and makes for an excellent streamer. No memory, or hard drive included. No operating system included but there are several choices - Roon Rock, Daphile, Euphony, AudioLinux, etc.


I had bought this as a backup and have only used to test that the board works fine. Power it with good quality 12-19v linear power supply and it sounds excellent. You can use this with Akasa fanless passive cooling case and install Roon ROCK or Euphony or AudioLinux. It is powerful enough to run Roon core and a large database.

If you want a complete system, please let me know and I can assembly one for you at additional cost.



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