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The Ultimate Network Solution

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Many thanks for sharing your nice solution.


BTW, do you think that lesser cables / modems / switches / PSUs would still make any perceivable differences for Qobuz / TIDAL or otherwise?



On 11/19/2020 at 6:32 PM, cool_chris said:

I agree 100 % but as we all know now the noise gets "inprinted" in the data you are passing via switch .

Don't ask me why , I dont know. I wish we know all about it .

Good clock with great power device /SR7, DC4/Jcat Optimo will pass it to RAM undistructed or I should call it less distructed.


For instance, maybe we could try a generic switch with this PSU




- Remote ON/OFF switch capable of switching up to 6A, 8A peak.






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Yes was think that too. The device Sean has made me is wide range 5v-12v. So can put it wherever suits, but for now it will be used on the EtherRegen rail. 

Not sure if currently possible, but would be good as you say to buffer 2 Tidal songs, then shutdown the JCAT card. 

Question? Is there a way to shut off bus power for the JCAT Ethernet card? From pcie port? If so I would be better using Sean’s box on my JCAT Ethernet rail. 

I posted this here to try get people talking about it, which hopefully leads to Euphony being able to program something in their software. 

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On 12/10/2020 at 9:16 AM, seeteeyou said:

Yes, I tried this method and its the best method that SQ is almost as same as to unplug the network cable.

Since I only play local files, I installed a second JCAT Femto net card on my normal PC, enter a separate subnet other then the Internet and connect to my server though a Lan cable. Install the ROON remote on this normal PC, create a pair of .bat file to enable network adapter>start ROON UI, select songs as usual, then click another .bat file to kill ROON process and disable network adapter.

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