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allo digione signature no longer working after switching coax cables

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I have the Allo digione signature for a few moths now and up until now I'm very happy with it.
I use it with volumio and mainly as roon endpoint. Its connected by coax to a build in dac from my Advance acoustic Pre-x and powered by the Ashanti. The cable I used for several months was a van den hul 75ohm coax cable. I'm switching it out and was testing an audioquest green and a Chord clearway. During my testing of both cables, switching back and forth, my digi one signature suddenly refused duty. I only hear a very faint signal on the left channel along witch some overal static, clicks and pops. My vu meter indicates there is a continuos charge on my left channel and it even produces a troublesome discharge pop in myt left speaker when I shut my amp down. I tried a few restarts, but the problem presist. Anyone had this issue? Hope I'm in the right place here, got redirected to here from the allo.com support section.

Thanks for looking into this.
Kind regrads,

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do some A-B testing to isolate the fault. Plug another coax source into your existing DAC to see if that will produce sound. I'm suspecting the issue is downstream

from the Digione in your analog amplification... coax issues are usually no sound or digital bitstream squeal. if you can get sound out of another coax source, then the

Digione might be suspect. most blue ray players have coax out, just be sure the output is enabled and set to PCM




Audio system

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Thanks for the very fast reply.
You are right, it is indeed the spdif/coax part of my dac. I have the same issue with my cd player, strangly on both channels; my dac has two spdif inputs. I'll aim my acquisitions toward Advance acoustic, hope this will be an easy fix.

Thanks for the advice!

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