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Digital File Player: SPDIF out

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Hi folks,

Casually looking around, and curious.


I am about $3000 all-in to a Sonore UltraRendu and Gustard U16 with cables and such....


Want to get rid of the 4 boxes going into my APL and also improve things. 


Less than zero interest in getting anything that has either a built in DAC or HD.


I do not like Auralic products and would never entertain buying anything from them...


So far, - what i see out there is...


Lumin U1, - at $6K retail... pretty pricey.....

DCS Network Bridge, - pretty pricey also, - but definitely in-line with my budget.

Bricasti streamer, - (don’t know model).


I hear some reports that the DCS NB is really awesome, - others, - no better than the Sonore Sig...


I have had all of the Sonore streamers in my system except the Sig, all the Razberri Pi’s, a SotM and the Directstream DAC with a bridge card....


Not willing to discuss replacing or changing DACs. 


Is there any other really good device that I’m missing? 


Maybe I should just pull the trigger on a Signature Rendu with an Audio GD HE20???



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6 hours ago, Albrecht said:

Lumin U1, - at $6K retail... pretty pricey.....


There's also a U1 MINI which is much cheaper.  For SPDIF output, it is functionally the same as the U1 other than the LPS and the heavy aluminium chassis.


6 hours ago, Albrecht said:

Audio GD HE20???


It uses Amanero USB module.  If you plan to use a Linux-based USB streamer like our product or another brand you mentioned, I recommend you make sure it's running firmware no earlier than 2006BE10.

Peter Lie

LUMIN Firmware Lead

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