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MicroRendu 1.4 vs 1.5

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FWIW, I asked at the Sonore forums if it makes sense to upgrade from 1.4 to 1.5.  Sonore's response sounded to me like "don't bother."




You may read the thread differently and I haven't heard the 1.5, so couldn't make an upgrade call on that basis, myself.

Living room:  Synology 218+ NAS > NUC 10 i7 > HQP Embedded > xfinity Xfi Router > Netgear GS348 Switch > Sonore Optical Module Deluxe > Sonore Signature Rendu SE Optical Tier 2 > Okto DAC 8 Stereo > Topping Pre90 Preamp > Apollon Audio 1ET400A Mini > Revel F32 Concertas


Computer Desk System: Synology DS-218+ NAS > Dell XPS 8930/NUC 10 i7  > HQP Desktop > xfinity Xfi Router > EtherRegen > ultraRendu > Topping D90 DAC > Audioengine A5+'s

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