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UltraRendu Network Question



In Audirvana these are the options (see pic below)
I can output music from the options below
1.Network via ethernet to the UltraRendu then via USB to the Dac. 
2.IMAC via usb to the x-spdif-2 then via I2s to the Dac 
But how do I get them to "talk to each other"
What do I need to do to get this actioned?
I want to be able have the network Urendu out via X-SPIDIF2 is there a way to configure the set-up this way?
Kind Regards
Kind Regards


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30 minutes ago, mark2 said:

Yes I'm able to access the UltraRendu and in Sonicoribiter /Settings settings/ Audio Device list my DAC is identified.

But is there a way for ultraRendu to see the SPIF-2 instead?

Can you post a similar picture ?

As far as I know, you can only see the device connected to your ultraRendu, so I like to understand how you can see your DAC with the converter added. 



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18 minutes ago, tmauceri said:

This is what my chain looks like. ultraRendu connected via USB to the ultraDigital.

Is this Audirvana ? Looks like Roon to me. Won’t help OP much....


If you have Audirvana pics and settings, that may help OP. 


I think the matrix should be powered up before the ultraRendu.

In any case the key to success is that ultraRendu see your matrix. 

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This looks good. I’m not familiar with Audirvana, but I suggest you set rates according to SPDIF / AES, and your DAC, so probably 24/192. 

Appart from that set DAC to max volume and save. 

I don’t know what else can cause no sound. But play with Audirvana settings. 

It seems to me your first post, you’re playing DSD256. I don’t think that will work. (And remove mute 😀). 

When you press play from Audirvana, you can refresh sonicorbiter interface. Then you have a good indication of further error tracking. 
Note file formate is also displayed. 



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I'm getting sound via both the UltraRendu outputs native USB DSD 512 & SPID-2 at II2 DSD 256 


My playback status was stop as I was not playing any music at the time.


As I see it now it's 2 separate system working independently of each other. 



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