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Good equivalent to the hd 559?



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2 hours ago, gOOFenschmirtz said:

I'm quite new to audiophile and I was looking at the Sennheiser HD 559s for a Christmas present, but they're out of stock everywhere as of now. Does anybody here know if they're going to be back in stock in time for Christmas, or is there any good equivalents to the 559's? 

might want to ask that question on head-fi.org. most debates here are about more expensive headphones. I've had HD598's,

they were smooth sounding but not detailed. For under $100 my preferred headphone is grado sr80e, they are  a bit clunky and

"old school" in appearance but great for stationary listening with gobs of detail, kind of a JBL speaker like headphone sound.

SR80e  probably not a good choice for mobile listening, cord length that makes it great for stationary listening

is too long for mobile comfort, I end up shoving about half of it in a coat pocket when the whim to go walking with them strikes.




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