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Siltech 770L G7 Speaker Cables - Almost New - 3meter / 10feet

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Siltech 770L G7 Speaker Cables - Almost New - 3meter / 10feet



Selling a 3 meter (approx. 10 foot) pair of Siltech G7 770L Classic Anniversary Speaker Cables with spades on both ends.


These are as good as new having been used only for a short time as I sold the speakers I was intending to use them with.


I have the original box, certificates, etc. These cables are 100% authentic. They were bought from an authorised Siltech distributor and the serial numbers have been verified by Siltech.


Selling these at over 60% off - see retail price here: https://www.thecableco.com/classic-770-l-speaker-cable-pair.html


I can accept payment via Paypal (paypal fees is extra) or Wire Transfer.  Buy with 100% confidence. I have been in audio for 25+ years and can provide references.

Can ship anywhere through FedEx as I have an account with them and get a good rate. Shipping is extra, at cost.


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    2,850.00 USD
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