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Disabling SensMe

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I am very satisfied with my HAP-Z1ES player. The only thing that's really annoying is the speed. Transferring new music takes looooong. But when finally the music is transferred my player will start analyzing the new files for the SensMe channels. I saw that it is possible to assign channels manually, but only on a track basis.

Since I do not use SenseMe at all it would be great if I could disable that feature (or manually assign all music to one category).


Has anyone read or heard about disabling SenseMe?

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I finally found a solution: when the Gracenote server is not used, it will also stop the Sensme scanning!

and set it to OFF.

In the System Settings menu, look for Select [Auto Gracenote Accessand set it to OFF. Now the Sony player will no longer scan unregistered music files for the SensMe channels. As a benefit, after having added new music, the player will immediately shutdown when powering down.

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