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Summer of Software Stress


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12 hours ago, bobfa said:

The "last straw" is that my Hansong Stereo Hub is not Roon Certified, and I cannot use it with Roon. I know that this is hard; give us a bone, folks. Status updates, something. Oh, and the same goes for the Dutch and Dutch 8Cs.

Same for the NAD M33.


Kal Rubinson

Senior Contributing Editor, Stereophile


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3 hours ago, bobfa said:

Part of this is just the delays in companies getting together and making things work.  But I have the feeling that there are other dynamics in play.  Sometimes I get really frustrated and this thread is the result of some of that.    NAD being a part of the Bluesound "team" might be an indicator there.  While I do really like the flexibly of Bluesound there are some oddities there too!

It is a problem when companies with different priorities promise to coordinate.  In this case, although BluOS and Roon can be seen as competitors, they are really addressing two different markets IMHO because the proprietary nature of BluOS and the price structure of Roon insure that.


Kal Rubinson

Senior Contributing Editor, Stereophile


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