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Summer of Software Stress


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8 hours ago, bobfa said:

Elac Discovery Connect.


It would not connect, it would not update, and it sounded relatively weak after taking two days to figure out the problems. I do not know if it was the app or the device. The Navis ARB-51 speakers were not bad, but I was disappointed overall.  



a year ago I had a long conference call with Elac's Andrew Jones about the DS-A101-G  Amplifier and Music Server under review where he explained his responsibility for the design process of the unit. Afterwards I decided with Chris to skip the review because it wouldn't have shed any good light on ELAC engineering, especially for the abysmal software design and Roon implementation.
Cheers, Tom

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Bob, most reviewers have customers that pay them directly or indirectly
... here @ Audiophilestyle we got lucky that we have products & manufactures we like, which are worth a review and - perhaps - our support. You may re-read Chris' Elac Alchemy DDP-2 DAC Review, where you have both, the design idea and the DNLA desaster ( Chris wrote as a comment: "DLNA support is pretty much crippled until ELAC updates the firmware"), the HW and the SW worlds collide ...

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