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On 1/11/2021 at 10:44 PM, Marcin_gps said:

Yes, the same chipset.


The improvements over NET Card FEMTO are:


- power supply section 

- Upgraded RJ45 connectors wiith better isolation properties



Thanks Marcin, good news on the Intel Chipset then.


Just thinking aloud here. Now to decide to include the EtherRegen to the existing NET FEMTO, or the XE and no EtherRegen.

The XE would use the existing LPSU and two less connections with the EtherRegen. Also having a lot of difficulty with sourcing the EtherRegen power supply, it cannot use the same 5V as the XE/NET Femto which would keep that loop tidy. Introducing another power supply is a problem and cost I don't need.


Common Mode noise from the switch/router is taken care of by a Baaske filter/transformer and works well with the NET FEMTO. In bridge mode, the NET FEMTO would head off to the Lumin U1.


The XE would drop right in, very clean upgrade, just some bridge settings to change for the new MAC addresses is about the messiest part of the upgrade. Hmmm.

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On 1/26/2021 at 12:52 PM, One and a half said:

@Marcin_gps, I thought to supply the XE with 5V unregulated since the card has super regulator already. What would be the tolerance on the 5V, was calculating +10% -15% is acceptable? LPS to have OVP protection so will clamp at 5.5V.

5.5V will be great. 

10% tolerance is OK. 


Best regards,

JPLAY & JCAT Founder

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Last year was challenging for all of us. We took that time to work hard on our products, so that you could enjoy music at home at higher quality than ever before.

We are pleased to inform you that our efforts paid off: three of our new products received BEST OF 2020 awards from

Pursuit Perfect System






NET xe award.jpg

JPLAY & JCAT Founder

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When I was considering buying the new JCAT XE Ethernet card I was thinking to myself? is this now at the stage of diminishing returns?! Well after the card breaks in you say to yourself No it’s not diminishing return & how is this even possible when I use buffer, cache network turned of when playback? But yet there is such a profound improvement in everything! 

What we think we know about digital audio is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Well done @Marcin_gps to you & everyone involved! 

Big thumbs up from me! 

I’m not very good at reviews, so maybe someone can give a more in-depth review. 

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As a neophyte in putting together PC hardware, I have followed my nose and have my new NET Card XE installed via riser cable in my ASRock Z87E ITX motherboard. After fumbling with how to power it, I learned it was powered by the MOBO.   

Then I wanted to power it using my new HD Plex LPSU and worried about it having two power supplies.   Of course I then read the card would sort that out so I inserted the 5v output from the HD Plex.


That whole process was plug n play - thankfully.   I could have used a guide or manual of some sort but have figured it out.   

SQ with things still warming up and having an hour on them is in a word - Fantastic!   Couldn’t be happier with the sound.  Everything about my sound has improved.  Initial attack is incredible with a deeper sound stage and increased clarity.


I read there was a guide issued with the Femto card.  Is there something like that for the XE???


My Win 7 PC is connected via Supra Ethernet to an Edge Router X-SFP along with my ISP, NAS and Bricasti M21 DAC/Pre (ROON Endpoint).  Between the Router and my Endpoint is a Gigafoil v4.


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Update : My system has improved greatly since adding the NET Card XE.  After a day of settling in, my sound stage has become even more 3 dimensional.   

I couldn’t be happier with the performance of this card.  

Thank you Marcin!

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If you ever get a chance, try disconnecting your internet from your system all together if you haven't yet.   This is pretty much the trend now and streaming Qubuz,, etc. sounds so much better without.

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Question:  I have followed the special instructions from Marcin and modified my Adapter settings.  When I did that, I lost the connection to my NAS inside ROON.


Both my NAS and Win 7 PC with the XE are both connected to my EdgeRouter X-SFP.   

I know I can go back to all default settings but was hoping you guys could point to the one or two settings in the adapter that broke that connection.  

Things I have tried:


1) Reenabled File and Printer sharing

2) Reenabled Client for Microsoft Networks

3) In ROON I have deleted the NAS and re-added it insuring the password was correct.  No luck.

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Tried that Marcin.  No luck.


I tried un-installing and reinstalling  the network adapter.   No Luck


Removed my NAS from the Edge Router and plugged it directly into the second RJ45 port on the NetCard and my Win 7Pc now sees the NAS.   Short term solution as the rest of my network cannot see the NAS.

Further background.


Until this last change, I had two PCs connected to my Edge Router.  One with Win 10 and my audio PC running Win 7.


The NeTCard XE is in the Win 7 PC.


Both PCs and my NAS were connected to the EdgeRouter.


My Win 10 PC sees everything on my network with no issues.  Eg the NAS.


My Win 7 PC with the NetCard did see my NAS for a day then lost it.   Some setting changed and I am not sure what.


Other than reloading Win 7 on that PC, how else could I reset all of that PCs network related settings back to default?





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"Wow… this is seriously something different. What an immense amount of improved resolution with this new Jcat NET Card XE network card! Unbelievable. We’re not exaggerating when we say that everything just seems tighter. We hear more rhythm and microdetail comes off more easily and gets more of its own place in the whole." 😍

Alpha Audio review of NET Card XE in combination with OPTIMO 3 DUO now available in English 🇬🇧



JPLAY & JCAT Founder

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