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BUFFALO Layer 2 Giga smart switch 8 port BS-GS2008

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Asus Prime-P z590 MB. Intel Core  i5 11400 , Jcat usb XE Pci-usb card. Intel Optane m2 with Euphony Stylus software. And running Ramrod.

Jcat Femto Netcard. HDPlex linear w300, HDPlex 400 atx, HDPlex H5 case. MPAudio SLS-hpuln with JCat Optimo Nano Powering the Jcat XE pcie-usb card. Farad 3 lpsu powering the Netcard femto. 2 Buffalo 2008 switch. One stock, and one Buffalo 2008 switch with NewclassD Neutron star Clock powered by MPAudio SLS-hpuln,

Voltcraft fps_1132 lpsu Powering the fibernet box, and first Buffalo 2008 switch. With a Idovr regulator. 

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