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The new Airpulse A80 & Airpulse A300 pro

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The white ones have been reviewed here:

The blue ones just arrived and will get a review during the next weeks.
First impression - sublime - not so differnent even they have a smaller cabinet, but bias rulez .. and that color helps her a lot ;-).
The inside tech differs in the BT chip only. It is now BT 5.0,
Plus the 4.5 woofer is reported to be overhang design vs the A100-300 pro are using underhang designs. Personally I did not evaluate that information for the moment.

The horn loaded ribbon tweeter measures identical in size. 
cheers, Tom

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46 minutes ago, nocrapman said:

Great pics in the wild!

You must really like her!!

Actually my first creative idea was about bringing her/them in a cabriolet to the French Atlantic coast (Bretagne or Ile de Ré), but neither the weather nor the lockdown in France (in Nov 1km/1h -  now 30km/3h) would have allowed me to exercise that, so I went for some scenery in the local turf I am walking during weektimes with my dogs. However, that is obviously purely aesthetics.
From the audio perfomance perspective I am as well taken into sweet enjoyable custody by these speakers. I plan to report more during this week. I am very curious if the measurements - I have planned for the next weekend to proceed them- will prove me right or wrong.
Cheers, Tom

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The A300 pro have arrived!

They are driven in "balanced input" mode by the iFi NEO iDSD balanced outputs and opening up in the low end  & for details quite nicely over the first listening period this evening.

These active speakers that are driven independently by 130w per channel can be used with different digital entries  (USB/BT/COAX/TOSLINK) and balanced/unbalanced inputs. Small caveat, the smart and elegant remote control does not work when using analog inputs.

Tomorrow I will change their "souterrain" (basement):

I got lucky and received - obviously as one of the last parcels from the UK before the borders were shut down,  nine other parcels were re-shipped to the manufacturer - some Custom Design FS-106 speaker stands from Newcastle-upon-Tyne provenance. I was eying these purpose made stands for a long time and made contact with the manufacturer first in 2014 but decided for another solution.

When I re-designed my listening space this summer, my listening position came about 75 cm closer to my speakers and I found the height of my listening chair not any longer sufficient for the 80 cm stands I have in use.
Consequently, I've built a platform of 15 cm height for compensation but have found this solution less and less comfortable during time. With a height of just 610 mm the FS-106 may allow me to perfectly align standard standmounts like the A300 pro with my ears (Thumbs pressed!)

Here are the first images of the A300 pro (more to follow) ...
Porsche 356 B (1961) courtesy of Burago and especially chosen for the usual suspects falling for red sports car and German manufacturing.
A healthy and enchanting festive season to all of you !!!




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On 1/30/2021 at 1:54 AM, Mick13 said:

Just got my a80s and they sound great ! I was hoping to get some tips on where to get a longer speaker connecting cable and was also wondering if anyone could recommend a powered subwoofer to pair with them. Thanks!

Very happy that you share my experience!!! Don't be disappointed if the soundstage crashes if you have them too widely separated.

For the xtra long speaker cables I'd tend to advise you to enquire with Airpulsepro, too.

For a sub, you may want to look at REL T/5i

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