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ZMF Verite Open

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ZMF Verite Open

If you want a brand new ZMF Verite Open but don't want to wait 12 weeks.... this is it.

I am selling my beautiful 3-month-old ZMF Verite Open, stock silkwood, in absolutely pristine condition.  No scratches or any other sign of use, everything works as new and it ships with the following:

Verite Open Back Silkwood pristine condition

Unopened single ended stock cable

Stock pads: Universe Lambskin Perforated & Auteur Lambskin Perforated

Additional Pads: BE2 Suede Perforated, BE2 Lambskin Perforated, Universe Hybrid Perforated

Original wood box

This is one of the most beautiful and confortable headphones in the market.  (I will include ZMF's card stating that it was completed on 9.28.2020.)

I am sorry to sell it but I can afford only one flagship Open Back headphone and after weeks of consideration I decided to keep the Abyss Diana V2.

I accept PayPal only.



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    2,200.00 USD
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