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Mac mini, rega dac r and audirvana - tearing hair out, seeking advice

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Hi i recently bought a 2012 macmini to connect to my rega dac r via optical.  I have audirvana streaming from it, connected to tidal.  Audirvana seems a nice bit of software (although bit of a bugger it doesn't have radio support).  The issue i'm having is that output does not match source.  say i am streaming a 16/44.1 file the output is 24/44.1.  Now I have audirvana also on my pc and there is always parity, but not through the mac (i have upsampling off)


I thought i'd fixed the issue by passing through  jriver (had perfect parity and could access radio stations), but seems to crap out after playing two tracks in any playlist.


Any advice i can get is much appreciated.  This thread links to another on hifi wigwam https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/147011-mac-minirega-dac-r-streamer-advice/?tab=comments#comment-2651592



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