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Aruba Instant On AP12 Wireless Access Point

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I picked up one of these at a very good price (over 50% discount) and would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for an access point. 

Quite a few people here use Ubiquity routers, switches and wireless access points as they offer better quality than the networking gear that is bundled from the ISP. 


I have a Ubiquiti AC lite, the Aruba is far more solidly built and has better range. Unlike the Ubiquiti which relies exclusively on PoE, it can take a 12V/1.5A DC input and also accommodates the Telegartner plugs seen on many premium Ethernet cables. You can buy a separate Aruba SMPS that looks a nice step up from the cheapest wall warts, use something like the iFi iPower 12V (what I’m doing), or even power it with a good LPS...

I’m using it as a second wireless access point just for audio, it’s plugged directly into my EtherREGEN. When streaming from a NAS, I can even disconnect my router completely from the audio system without affecting the rest of the non-audio network devices. 


I won’t make any claims about the sound quality as I haven’t done any proper comparisons. But I can confidently say it doesn’t sound worse.

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