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Does anyone have experience with SVS SB16 ULTRA in a nice two channel audio system?

These appear to be a great price for a 16” sub.


Im trying to find out if I dare add two subs to my Meadowlark Nightingale speakers.  They do a great job on their own but I’m wondering what my gains vs losses might be.


I have never owned a pair of subs for my two channel audio system so I am cautious 




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I own two of the SVS SB400 subs that I feel are just stunning paired with by Spatial Audio M3 TM speakers. I can only imagine what the 16's bring to the table. The app is quite powerful but I paired these with a DSpeaker unit and this took the integration right into the pocket. Adding subs are is more than just bass. Properly integrated subs have away of elevating the rest of the musical spectrum. Its hard to describe but the bottom weighted anchor they provide just give the whole presentation a realism closer to that live being there feeling for me. Its very addictive.


If you are considering the 4000's as an alternative to the 16's I would skip the 4000's and get the 3000's. They are the same sub from what I understand but without  LCD screen. I use the app and sometimes the remotes to control the subs from my seat. To me the LCD screens just add cost.

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