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KEF LS50 wireless II

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3 hours ago, asdf1000 said:


I assume there is no noticeable latency when watching TV? No audio & video lag / lip sync issue ?

No audio & video lag / lip sync issue at all..  All my TV watching are from Apple TV 4K box and OPPO blue ray  → hdmi to my Sony 65XE9505  → optical out, sound setup in Sony TV. I prefer just to have the sound in stereo also from the TV.  I could also have used HDMI direct to the new KEF LS50 II but the optical solution works and sound very good and the optical cable are more easy to handle. The OPPO blue-ray player also are connected to the Kii Three speakers/Kii Control with coax cable, here I have to adjust the latency / lip sync in the Kii Control setup.

Auralic Aries G2 - Kii Control -  Kii Three active speakers -  OPPO BDP 95 - Clearaudio Concept turtable / AT-33 PTG II pu /Clearaudio Maestro Wood pu - Rega Fono MC riaa / Musical Surrondings riaa


Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro - Shure SE846w/Silver Dragon - Chord Mojo

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