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Need some advice for how best to connect Accuphase DG-68 Room/EQ

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So I decided to spring for the newly released DG-68 Room EQ from Accuphase... got a deal on one that I couldn't pass up... but now I've got a bit of anxiety on how best to connect to my current system (in my signature)..


Currently everything is fed thru the dCS Rossini via Balance XLR (the DP-560 SACD player is also via SPDIF to my Rossini) .. most of my music come via streaming thru the dCS, but the only exception is when playing pure SACD, which I have a separate XLR balance connection directly into my C1100 pre-amp for.


Anyway, the DG-68 can be connected via XLR between the C1100 and the MC462 .. that is the easiest way that I can see, however I wonder if I also couldn't set it up so that the two Accuphase products connect via the proprietary cable they have for SACD (called HS-Link) then I can connect the DG-68 just after the dCS and before the C1100 pre-amp..  


So in short...  does the Room EQ have to go between the pre-amp and amp? or can it go before he pre-amp and after the dCS DAC?


ideas, thoughts? 



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