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What DAC Do Aurender Owners Use?


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As an owner of an N100H and an Innuos Zen mk3  I compared my Aurender N100H performance to the Innuos Zen. The Aurender is connected via USB to my Linn Selekt and the Innuos via Ethernet (directly as it has a second port). Software: Aurenders own App for playback and Roon player for Innuos as Roon Core.
I compared three songs, one of jazz, pop, classic.
If I heard a difference I could source it to the different hardware or the different cables used and even the different connections, but then, I could hardly hear any difference (via my Martin Logans). It seems like the Linn Selekt (Streamer/DAC/Preamp) is pretty immune to such things or my hearing is just not good enough.

Main System: Innuos Zen mk3 > Linn Selekt > Linn Akurate 4200 > Martin Logan Ethos

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