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What DAC Do Aurender Owners Use?


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On 12/25/2020 at 7:43 AM, Jeff_N said:

Just want to thank everyone for their suggestions. I went with the Matrix X-Sabre MQA Pro DAC. I have no interest in MQA, but this DAC sounds great. I haven't had time to do an ABX test, and I may never do one, because I could never get all the variables (volume matching, cables, having someone else do the swapping, etc.) done properly. But my initial impressions are that the Matrix, to me at least, has a cleaner, sharper, brighter sound than the Yggdrasil.

When I compare the Benchmark DAC 3 and the DAC in the Oppo 205 (both use the high-end SabreDACs) with the Chord Hugo 2 and the current Yggdrasil, both the Chord and the Yggy perform rings around them. Curious!


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