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WASAPI / ASIO Sound level issue. Can this be resolved by external soundcard / USB audio interface?

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Building audiophile HIFI (bit-perfect) PC. I am using a PC for everything: music, movies, gaming. 

Currently testing the following system: W10, int. sound card ALC1220 up to 24-bit/192khz > S/PDIF > Denon PMA-800NE integrated amp > Dali Oberon 5.

Sources: mp3, FLAC, CD, Spotify, Tidal, torrent movies, pc gaming, turntable.


Issues to resolve, please advise how to resolve:

1. I am using WASAPI / ASIO drivers for the music player (e.g. MusicBee, Winyl) and the sound has improved dramatically. In ideal, everything should sound as good (gaming, youtube, torrent movies, etc). What are the options?

2. Volume level issue: Denon PMA-800NE volume is on the minimum due Windows sound level is on the max. WASAPI / ASIO is skipping windows sound control, so switching from music to movies and vice-versa can result in too loud volume if I forgot to adjust the volume. This has happened too many times already, any ideas on how to resolve it?

3. Should I replace my int. sound card and/or Denon PMA-800NE integrated amp (I can still return it to the shop) with an external sound card / USB audio interface?

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