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Will a linear PSU help with grounding issues on the Chord Qutest Dac/Naim Amplification?

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Ok - a few scenarios:


When I hook the qutest dac with a REGA IO, no problem.


I want to use the chord qutest dac with a Naim amplifier. When I hook them up, there's a nasty buzz.


When I ALSO attach a naim source (in addition to the chord qutest dac) to the amplification, the problem doesn't happen.


When I only have a schiit dac + Naim amp, no problems. (Schiit dacs are properly grounded).


Question - if I were to use a linear PSU (the LPS-2 or the JS-2 linear PSU) with the Chord Dac, would the grounding on the linear PSU help a make the buzz go away?




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