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Sleevenote digital music player

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Hi all,


I’ve signed up to introduce you to an audio product that I am launching, with the hope that some of you might find it interesting.


The product is called Sleevenote. It is a new format for a music player, which allows you to enjoy your music collection as a rich art-led experience. The device has a large square screen where albums are presented as full size images, with interactive back covers and full booklet art.


We have a free iOS app, but what we'd really love to do is to develop a dedicated product for this. We're currently trying to raise funds to make it happen on Indiegogo.


The device has a fairly premium price of £533/~$700. This is mainly due to the custom 1:1 display component. It supports playing hi-res audio, with a capable, but standard DAC chip from Cirrus. We intend to explore superior DAC circuitry in a subsequent R&D phase.


I'd love to connect with more people from the audiophile community and get feedback/hear any thoughts you have.





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1 hour ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

This is an interesting concept

+1 it is indeed.

No MQA support though, I hope..;)



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I actually bought an iPad Pro 12.9" Gen 3 so that I could replicate an experience kind of like this on Roon. 


I think what I've got is good, but for sure there's a ways to go and it's not quite up to the level that I'd like, which I think is pretty much aligned with what OP Chris is talking about launching. 


But for me, I like the flexibility Roon gives me, especially how I can use the hardware I know and love compared to just something they make and bundle with a software suite. I like that this part of Roon came out of Meridian, which was "locked" into that approach. 


It'd be a hell of a little long shot, but maybe that's an alternative and "better" approach here? Try and link in with Roon and provide like an "extended, tailored experience"? As I already said, that's actually what I designed my personal Roon experience around from the beginning and I'd sure as hell give your new thing a shot if it were like that. Otherwise, I'd have to consider divesting from what I do have and there's not a prayer in hell that'll happen~



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