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Sleevenote digital music player

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I put each album's artwork in a subfolder, named Artwork, within the album's music folder.  Roon automatically creates a link to this subfolder (as well as the parent folder) which is displayed (in addition to the cover art) when viewing the album.  Clicking on the link brings up the first image.  Then one can click the forward (or back) arrow to advance through the images.


Of course, this requires a computing device and screen (e.g. laptop, iPad, etc.) and you must find the images or create them on your own.

mQa is dead!

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24 minutes ago, Ben-M said:

The folder is named "Artwork"?


And can you show some pictures of what that's like? I follow, but my server is down right now and I can't test it. 


Here is a view of the folders:





Look at it in Roon -- notice the "14" on the middle right of screen.  That indicates there are 14 images (this includes folder.jpg in main folder + 13 images in the Artwork subfolder).  You can click on this link to view images without leaving Roon:








Hope this is what you were looking for.


mQa is dead!

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