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What Is The Best Sounding Roon Endpoint (reference options below)?

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I am somewhat new to Roon. I am wanting to add a Roon endpoint to my audio system. Below are possible alternatives I came up with for adding an endpoint. If possible, I would like to add the endpoint for under $750. The following are the options I am found. Please make additional recommendation for endpoints if they are not listed below. Thanks for your help.


1 - Allo USBridge Signature (recommended by John Darko Audio)
2 - Pro-Ject 2s Ultra Streamer
3 - Somt sms-200 neo
4 - MiroRendu v1.5
5 - Pi 4 with USB Perfect (recommended by Underwood Hifi)
6 - Pi 4 (Pi USB out to dac)


Thanks for your willingness to help.



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Pi4 direct out via USB is pretty darn good. Best $80 all in product that you can buy.


Ok, maybe a bit more with a power supply . . .

sources:  intel nuc8i7 (win10, roon core, hqplayer) (server) | intel nuc8i5 (audiolinux, naa) (renderer)
headphone rig:  schiit yggdrasil (a2, unison) > bryston bha-1 > senn hd600
main rig:  chord dave > parasound jc2bp > parasound jc5 > kef reference 1
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