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Lumin app - Tidal OAuth login - OpenHome

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(This is not posted in the Lumin thread because it mainly affects non-Lumin hardware rather than Lumin hardware.)


This week we are launching new versions of Lumin firmware 13.3 and Lumin apps (iOS app 7.x, Anrdroid app 3.x) to support the new and mandatory Tidal OAuth login method.

Impact on Lumin hardware users when using Lumin app (not Roon):

- You will be prompted to login Tidal again, in the form of a web page

Impact on non-Lumin hardware users using Lumin app (not Roon):

- No impact at this moment as we are not removing the old API support from Lumin app (yet)
- However, once Tidal decommissions the old login method in the near future, you will no longer be able to use Lumin app to browse / play Tidal Music on your non-Lumin hardware
- To my knowledge, the current OpenHome API public web page is not updated to support Tidal OAuth login, so Lumin implementation of Tidal OAuth is proprietary rather than open
- If you are planning to buy non-Lumin hardware and use Lumin app to control it, I suggest you buy Lumin hardware instead.  Lumin can withdraw app support for non-Lumin hardware at any time

Impact on Roon users:
- No impact

- I don't know when the old API will be decommissioned, likely not far from now.

- The accurate term should be OAuth2 login even though the above text refers to OAuth.
- For more technical information, google "Tidal oauth login" on open source project discussions
- This post concerns Lumin app access to Tidal only, not related to Tidal Connect

Peter Lie

LUMIN Firmware Lead

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Please disconnect the USB cable (if you're using USB).  Power cycle both the Lumin and the DAC.  Then reconnect the USB cable.


Please recheck the volume settings in Lumin.  Also look at the front panel and make sure it is not showing MUTE.


If that still does not work, use Lumin app to factory reset the U1.

Peter Lie

LUMIN Firmware Lead

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