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New innuous music sub folder “missing”

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This more irritating than anything else, but I want to make sure there’s not a problem.


I run roon on a zen mini.


After a roon? Software upgrade I noticed that about 80 albums were treated as added to my library on October 25, even though the albums had been added to the system months previously. This is irritating because I want to be able to easily see my real newly added albums listed first in roon.


anyway, looking at the innuous zen mini file system, it seems that the 80 albums are now in a music sub folder labeled “missing” even though they are cd or hd quality, and  should be in the cd or hd quality sub folders. 

I assume these albums were seen by roon as newly added after  they were mysteriously transferred to the new sub folder, but why were the albums treated as missing by innuous? (The albums play fine by the way)



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