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Before The Music Dies (videos)

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b4md.jpgThe title says it all. Here are some clips for the movie Before The Music Dies. With CES 2008 starting in a few days I hope everyone takes a minute to think about the music that makes every single piece of audiophile gear necessary. I just downloaded the PMP (portable media player) version for $2.99 and will be watching it on the plane tomorrow morning as I head to California for a few days before continuing on to Las Vegas and CES 2008. If you want a copy for yourself here is the link to purchase the DVD or download. Also, here is the homepage for the film.

Note: There is a way to receive this film in the PMP download version for free and legally through the same website. I don't want to post it here because I think we can all afford the $2.99. But, if you really want to know send me an email through the Contact Us form and I'll tell you how.




















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I almost forgot about seeing this on the site before and wanting to watch it, until you popped it back up to the top of the 'recent forum topics' by posting about it again today. Y'all CA.com people, WATCH THIS.


This makes me ashamed to be from San Antonio, which isn't fair to SA because probably a million people there are frustrated by CC too....., and it makes me proud to be living in Austin - - Home of KUT and KGSR radio and also Antone's and a zilion other great (live music) saloons - OK, not THAT many.


South by Southwest (SXSW) is coming again soon! - if you don't know, Google it!


And don't forget: In 2008, All Wednesdays are now butt-nekkid Wednesdays!




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