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A few questions re Roon and Audirvana

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I have used Jriver for years. With iPad app, works great.  Wan to be able to use iPad to control from my chair.


now interested in services like a Tidal or Qobuz as I’m unlikely to buy more CD s.


it seems Roon and Audirvana offer similar functionality with major difference being Roon has lyrics, lots of metadata etc.  Is this generally correct?


Second question:  Audirvana requires Win 10.  My current endpoint is Win 7 PC with ifi dac.  My Audirvana install on a WIN 10 PC is able to see the DAC on the Win 7 PC. Music plays.  Am I getting full resolution out of this configuration and are there other reasons not to use this configuration?


thanks for helpful advice 

Note I am not seeking advice re best SQ or getting off into the weeds re other minor differences between the programs.  I’m mainly interested in UI, stability, functionality 

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Major Difference


I must confess I've only looked at Audirvana for a very short time.

However both need a core computer running for file access.


Audirvana seems to provide two single views of local and streamed content and is a one off purchase.


Roons important features, play to multiple zones of the same type, many upscaling options, yearly or lifetime subscription.

The main difference with Roon is that it will pull all of your content into a single view, it also has multiple methods to tag and sort your collection.

Roon also has streamed radio functions, plus a feature called radio which will continue to play music and the end of the queue based on what been listed too.


Roon is by far the most expensive route to take but does provide a fully integrated audio solution but you really need to try it and understand all the functionality it provides, its more than just a music player.


I'd do a trail of both and seem what best meets your requirements.

I use Roon with a local library and Qobuz streaming, at first I couldn't see the extra value over other applications, but now I really like the richness it provides to content and the recommendations it makes to explore new music.


I'd sum it up as

Audirvana is a music player.

Roon is a fully integrated multi zone music application that provides rich content allowing you to fully explore your library and streaming service.


I'm sure other will have different views.





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