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REL Acoustics - Carbon Limited (#177) Subwoofer

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REL Acoustics - Carbon Limited (#177) Subwoofer

Selling my near-new REL Acoustics Carbon Limited subwoofer. This is #177 of what is a very limited run, purchased local earlier in 2020 (box has never been shipped, and an additional outer box is included).


REL makes some of the fastest subs on the planet. The "Limited" series are John Hunter's pet projects bringing the performance of their flagship 12" subwoofers (in this case, the G1 Mk2) into a more compact cabinet. It maintains the same driver, paint and amplification technology as the flagship. Carbon Fiber active driver (4" travel), Class A/B amplification, alloy passive radiator from 212/SE. 


TONE Magazine calls it "Practically Perfect and presents it the Exceptional Value award.




Includes everything as purchasing new from the factory: subwoofer in mint condition, grille, unused power cord, unused signal cable, spikes, manuals, original box, extra outer box, packaging, etc.. I'll include 4 discs to protect your floor. 


Asking $2500. Local SF Bay sale preferred, but will consider shipping in the US or Canada. 

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    2,500.00 USD
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