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I hope I can find somebody who owned or listened to these two streamers/dac. 
I'm ready to purchase a one box streamer/dac and I think these two are both great choices. 
At the moment I'm using a BlueSound Node 2i as a pure streamer connected via Coax to a Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro Dac. All connected to a McIntosh MA7900 and to a pair of Martin Logan Ethos (electrostatic panels). 
I use both Qobuz and Tidal Mqa and this is the reason of the "move" I want to make. Tidal just released a huge number of albums in Mqa from the Warner label. 
As I want to proper listen to them I found the Lumin T2 and the Matrix Element X can be valid choices: one box solution for streaming and Mqa Dac. 
A Lumin T2 used has the same cost of a new Matrix Element X. 
BUT the Element X works with the ESS 9038Pro chip while the Lumin T2 with the ESS9028Pro chip. 
Any thought on Your side that might help me make the right purchasing decision?

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So I'm in exactly same place as you as per this post.  Any conclusions?  Are we assuming the Matrix X is great the Lumin even better?  Any differences in functionality since there is a difference in price? Thanks for any light you can shed!

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