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Dan Clark/Mr Speakers “Voce” Electrstatic headphones

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Dan Clark/Mr Speakers “Voce” Electrstatic headphones


These Dan Clark (NE "Mr. Speakers") Voce Electrostatic headphones are brand new. They list for over $3000 and I'm selling them at half price because I can't use them with my current equipment. The headphones are excellent audio quality, easily in the same ballpark, sound-wise as the SR-009S and need to be paired with any Stax Style "Pro-Spec" Electrostatic energizer/amplifier (not included). Compatible energizer/amplifiers include any Stax model, any HiFiMan electrostatic energizer, Stax compatible energizers made by MSB, iFI, Woo Audio, the LTA Z10E, etc. 

88mm drivers for bass that reaches below 10Hz and provides a very wide and large soundstage.
Metal stators for enhanced resolution
Flexible, microphonic-free round silver-plated copper cable with a solid machined Teflon connector cased in an aluminum housing.
Convenient and "clamshell" style zippered, molded plastic storage box.
Durable all metal construction at a featherweight 330gr.
Fully dust-sealed drivers.



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    1,500.00 USD
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