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Pops at start of tracks in SACD rips from SACD ExtractGUI on one player, but not another???

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Having an issue with SACD rips using the newer SACD_extract file and newer SACD Extract GUI.

The ripping process itself goes great thanks to the help I got here this week.


I noticed on playback, however, that I get pops at start of tracks when streaming to my external OPPO SONICA DAC.

I DO NOT get pops when streaming to the OPPO 105 player and playing through the stock DAC. Plays perfect.


I did a search on this and found some info about:


padding-less DSF generation (-z): Some players do not handle zero padding in DSF correctly resulting in a pop noise at a track transition. With this option, instead of zero padding, the data fragment that doesn't perfectly fit in the 4096 Bytes/channel block size at the tail of a track is carried forward to the head of the next track so no zero padding is needed.





I guess the Sonica DAC is one of those units. I am not sure how to change the settings in the SACD_extract  config file to address this.

The SACD GUI program has a box to check for Padding less DSF. No difference checked or unchecked.



I am using JRIVER software to play the files if that matters.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks. 

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Update. Got it sorted out I think. Moved the sacd_extract.cfg file to the same folder as the SACDEXTRACTGUI folder.

Changed the nopad setting to 1 in the .cfg file. Seems to have fixed it. 👌


Nice program.

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