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Choosing an LPSU for my HDPLEX 400W DC-ATX

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Hi folks, 

I am looking for a Linear PSU to use with my HDPLEX 400W DC-ATX.

The Computer it will power will have a 65W CPU and won't use any dedicated graphic card.


1) How should i choose my PSU ? Volt x Ampere = power requirements ?

2) 65 W for CPU (mobo up to 95W) + 3.3 for RAM (2x 4Gb) +~10 for SDD +~20W for HDD + 20 % margin = 120 W, does that sound realistic ?

2) Should i choose 12 or 19V ? My mobo is 12 W

3) How about the amperage ? 12 V X 10A = 120W ? Does it work that way ?

4) Would having an extra power reserve be benefic to the SQ ?



Thanks for enlightening me.



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