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Problem with backup in Daphile

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My name is Juan and I write you from Costa Rica. I am a Daphile user from two months more or less. I have installed Daphile as the only OS within a 2007 Mac Mini (both system and music library in a 1Tb mechanical HD). I have a problem and I hope you could help me.
I have a certain number of albums in my Daphile collection so I wish to have a backup. I have a 1Tb external drive that I am no using anymore so I did the following:
1 - I erased all the external drive using disc utility from my Mac Book Pro (I left it as FAT32)
2 - I plugged it (using USB) to the MacMini that runs Daphile
3 - I went to Daphile Settings - Backup
4 - I selected the "incremental copy" option, also I selected the options that erase anything in the destination drive. I selected the internal drive as origin as external as destination. I also selected manual backup option
5 - I saved changes and I restarted
6 - I went to "info" section and I click on "backup"
7 - it seems to start properly, it begins to scan tracks ... but it stops when it gets about 2000 tracks and the the following message appears 
I have checked the connections , I have used the full backup option instead of incremental but I don´t have a clue about the reason of this problem. Could you please help me? Any suggestion will be very appreciated. At the end of this message I link two other screen captures because I think that they could be useful.
In addition, I am planning to change my mechanical drive for a SSD drive so I have purchased a1Tb SSD (my plan was to backup all my music, then reinstall Daphile in my new SSD and then move my music from backup drive to SSD drive). Can I move my music from my mechanical drive to the SSD drive with another option or command instead of backup? 
Thank you very much in advance for your time and your help.
Best regards,
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Dear Stefano:


First of all, thank you very much for your fast answer! I have only two questions:


1 Can I format in ext4 from Daphile or I am going to need a separate computer running Linux?

2 in order to copy contents from Daphile to a computer (or viceversa), is there any other option than Daphile file manager? Becase I have noticed that is too slow and unreliable when transferring high amounts of files


Thank you very much again!


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You could try to connect to daphile with ssh and use the terminal commands to format the external hdd.

But, before trying this, I just observed in your attachment that there is no folder defined in the backup hdd, define a folder and try the backup again

Cannot help on 2), I don’t use Daphile anymore ....



My audio system

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