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Adding Core Power Technologies USBs Perfect to ISO REGEN

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I am a very happy owner of an ISO REGEN with an LPS 1.2 PS as well as an EtherRegen with a linear PS. The conversation of adding a second EtherRegen was current when I received notice of a new product from Core Power Technologies called USBe Perfect priced at $299 with free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee.  I bought one and over a 2 week time frame I tried it in replace of my ISO REGEN, from my streamer leading to my ISO REGEN, and then down stream from my ISO REGEN feeding my DAC.  To be clear, the USBe Perfect is not a viable replacement for the ISO REGEN however, placed at the output of my streamer with a USB cable attached to it leading to my ISO REGEN there is a very nice improvement to the sonics specifically better clarity, better bass, and better decay from high frequencies that are easily heard.  It does not require a separate PS either.  If it didn't have a money back guarantee, I probably would not have bought it but now am happy that I experimented with it.

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What does it claim to do?

mb pro>ethernet / elgar iso tran(2.5kVa, .0005pfd)>consonance pw-3 boards>ghent ethernet(et linkway cat8 jssg360)>etherRegen B-side(js-2)>ghent ethernet(et linkway cat8 jssg360) >ultraRendu A-side(clones lpsu split>lps1.2)>uspbc>iso regen(clones lpsu split>lps1.2)>curious regen link>rme adi-2 dac(js-2)>cawsey cables>naquadria sp2 passive pre> 1.naquadria lucien mkII.5 power>elac fs249be + elac 4pi plus.2> 2.perreaux9000b(mods)>2xnaq12” passive subs.

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