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SOLD! Small Green Computer STi7 With HQPlayer Key SOLD!

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SOLD! Small Green Computer STi7 With HQPlayer Key SOLD!

  • Up for sale is a SGC STi7 with HQPlayer Key
  • No internal storage
  • OS updated to latest 2.8
  • Asking $1000 US$
  • Shipping included in the US 48 with PayPal friends and family
  • Shipping paid by purchaser with regular PayPal 




  • HQPE 1.4/1.5 MHz 20 Bit PCM
  • Streaming Qobuz or playing files from external SSD
  • Surface Go 3 i3 Tablet with HQPlayer Client
  • ISP Cable Modem -> Ethernet -> Sonore opticalModule 
  • Sonore opticalModule  -> 20m Fiber -> Sonore opticalModule -> Ethernet -> Managed Switch
  • Managed Switch -> Ethernet -> Sonore opticalModule Deluxe -> 5m Fiber -> Sonore Sig Rendu SE Optical ( HQPlayer NAA )
  • Managed Switch -> Ethernet ->Small Green Computer sonicTransporter i9 Optical ( HQPlayer Embedded )
  • Sonore Sig Rendu SE Optical -> USB -> Holo Audio KTE May
  • Holo Audio KTE May -> XLR -> Goldpoint SA1X/47 -> XLR to Decware ZBIT -> RCA to Decware ZSTAGE25 -> RCA to Decware SE84UFO25 -> Avantgarde Duo Omega Horns with Townshend Audio Ribbon Super Tweeters
  • Decware SE84UFO25 -> Speaker Level to Jensen IsoMax Balanced Converter -> XLR Rives PARC -> XLR Avantgarde SUB225s
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