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Off the shelf vs DIY Server

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Friends of mine have often asked me whether it is worth the hassle building my own Music Server, rather than buying an 'off the shelf' version from a Name Brand Company (NBC).


Without going into all the pro and cons, that are all over AS, If I was to ask....


At the following USA price ranges of......






What NBC Servers would beat DIY versions for SQ?   So would a $7,000 NBC outperform a $7,000 DIY? etc, etc.


And if the answer is that a DIY would easily best an equivalent priced NBC, how much more would you have to spend on a NBC to bridge the gap i.e. $7,000 DIY = to $10,000 NBC?


Just wondering aloud.


Regards Cazzesman






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Having owned a couple prebuilt servers and now using a DIY option, I think that a DIY can sound just as good as the prebuilt servers. They are also more flexible with regards to parts, configuration, operating system, hardware, etc...

No electron left behind...

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I know you lot are a tad distracted in the USA at the moment, but I am genuinely surprised more posters don't have any thoughts to input into this thread. 


For all the money spent on this hobby, I would have presumed more would have 'Their Take' on the topic. 


I guess it ultimately comes down to having the confidence and/or courage to take on a DIY build vs an off the shelf item for more money but less stress.


Regards Cazzesman



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My Diy Hqplayer Server sounds good yo my ears even on USB .. in fact with tweaks it sounds better than my Ethernet /Netgear/Etheregen/SOTM Sm200 ultra neo /NAA Chain with clock

My point is that DIY is so much fun tweaking 

Buying even a big name server is so well Standard. 

Not that I csn spare 25000 USD for a Taiko Extreme

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For Diy approach -- U hv to decide do u want to go Upsampling or play Native file format first!

That determines your CPU choice and then the operating system and Music Software..

Upsampling allows for DSD 512 or at least DSD256 on the fly.. 
or u buy NativeDSD Files eg..no upsampling then needed but your music choice is severely limited titles


1. I went Intel 10700k at overclocked 4.2ghz

Watercooled with a big 360 mm All in One cooler

2. Then u hv to filter your MB pcie power, move the AIO pump and

3. all the fans off the Server to an auxiliary PSU -- i just managed this using special Fan pcb cards

4. Move SSD/NVME off Server power to outboard LT3045 psu's

5. I went further by using a pcie Usb3.0 outboard card and power this with 12v LT3045 psu .. 

6. plug in my OXCO Reclocked USB card into this and power it with LT3045 psu

7. Latest put all my fans on flexible mounts.. Vibration from fans affect SQ


That is the end for this Server

Every Tweak is a jump in SQ

Next will be move everything out of my present Lian Li O11Dynamic into a Turemetal UP10 fanless case 




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