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Article: Sound Liaison One Mic + Recording

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Just got this in my mail;

Sound Liaison engineer Frans de Rond wins PRIX EUROPA 2020!

Sound Liaison engineer Frans de Rond and podcast maker
Stef Visjager wins PRIX EUROPA 2020

In the liner notes for our DXD sampler 'The Visual Sound', I praised Frans de Rond’s ability to...'
create a sound like a three dimensional Van Gogh painting, where you can step in and take a look around.'

I am happy to announce that Frans exquisite craftsmanship has now been acknowledged with the prestigious PRIX EUROPA 2020
for Best European Radio Music Programme of the Year with
'Making an Opera'.
Here are a few quotes from the Jury report:
“Very well narrated and edited, told with enthusiasm and drama.“
“A very special and highly appealing tone.”
“ The music mixed together with what is happening, it's exceptional!“

There is a fine opportunity to listen to how Frans…“is able to create a sound stage that projects an almost visual image of the musicians. A sound stage which is intimate but also has depth and space” as our Winter Stacking Sale is still ongoing.

Kind regards and warm wishes to you all for 2021!
Peter Bjørnild


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On 11/15/2020 at 10:12 PM, ray-dude said:

I was finally able to give this album a critical listen today, and was blown away.  Definitely one of Carmen's best, and the recording is one of the best I've heard from SL.  Not having yet read this review (no spoilers ;) I kept doing a double take at the quality of the recording of the guitar (wow).  Now reading the interview, I can see I wasn't the only one ;)


Great write up Joe!

You noticed the guitar sound and Joe the drum sound. The first thing that came to my mind was how one gets completely taken in by the soundstage, which is not clinical in anyway, as so often is the case with audiophile recordings but warm and inviting, and then out of that the instruments starts to appear. Audiophile recording does not get any better than this.

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