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Article: Sound Liaison One Mic + Recording

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5 hours ago, PAP said:

Well written and well researched. The album sounds even better now with this excellent back ground information. Thanks. 

Well, using a single-point stereo mike is a recording technique that I stumbled upon some years ago. I make all of my recordings using a single point mike. Mine is an Avantone CK-40 and is a large capsule (one inch) gold-sputtered Mylar diaphragm FET condenser mike. It is one of the best sounding mikes I’ve ever used; easily besting the extremely expensive and similar Telefunken ELA-M-270. The main differences being that the Telefunken has an etched brass diaphragm and the CK-40 has a modern sputtered Mylar diaphragm and the Telefunken is a tubed mike while the Avantone is FET. Believe me I have found that a good single point stereo condenser mike is the best way to record everything from a simple jazz or string quartet all the way to a full symphony orchestra (not really suitable for non-acoustic pop or rock though).

What put me on to this recording method was a Turnabout recording of Copland’s “Billy the Kid” and “Rodeo” with the Dallas Symphony made in the late 50’s using a single point ribbon stereo mike and a passive “mixer”. It had the most natural soundstage that I had ever heard. I subsequently bought a B&O ribbon stereo mike, but at the time I couldn’t find enough quiet gain for the thing. But the Avantone was perfect in that regard and I have been pleased with it’s performance ever since.


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