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Replacing old Epos ES11

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I have a friend who regularly rejuvenates speakers up to (and some over) 50 years old and gets amazing sound. The ES11 was a very fine speaker and unless there has been driver damage then the most likely cause of them 'showing their age' is deterioration in the crossover components. I'd be servicing them, or having it done, first.



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10 hours ago, yathome said:

It's the driver damage - is it still possible to replace them?

Ahh, now that I don't know. They were manufactured for a fair while so I would hope that parts might still be available, and some driver issues can be repaired. Surrounds, for instance, can usually be done fairly cheaply. Check around. An internet search and a talk with a speaker repairer is recommended.


The original owner of Epos is AFAIK still supporting the older models.  [email protected]

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