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Korean no. 1 High End Linear Power Supply

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I let you know about Nayuta Flagship LPS.



Nayuta Flagship LPS is 3 rails / 4 rails / 5 rails.

- 3 rails :  40Kg / Price (Included Shipping Fee) : $ 7,000

- 4 rails :  50Kg / Price (Included Shipping Fee) : $ 8,500

- 5 rails :  62Kg / Can't sell this version to the world


These parts role is for keeping exact volatage.

This LPS has 4 regulation and high-speed parts. These are 1st parts.



Right circuit is "Electric Fuse".

Nayuta LPS has 150W + 40W per one rail, so common fuse can't be used.

Electric Fuse never be blowed and very very safe.


EI power transformers.

All transformers was potted.

When MK II upgrade service, Emile will add covers in only Korea. (That is not good service but he has no choice.)

Nayuta Flagship LPS is same.

As I wrote, EI power trans has 150W per one unit.


These are Choke Transformers.

Each unit has 40W.

Very fast feedback and stable voltage~!

EI trans + Hi speed choke = 1 rail capacity


This part is used partly NHB-458 LPS mechanism.

Of cause the part is less than NHB-458 LPS quality.

But Very Very Very Hi Speed~!

This part has 2 stages.

Upper picture is 2nd stage.

Capacitors are ELNA Flagship and 10,000 mF per one capacitor.


Mr. Lee hoped he installed Nichicon Flagship Capacitors, but LPS size is too huge.


Picture can't shown 1 stage.

1 stage is very important~!.

Similar to NHB-458 mechanism + Nayuta technology.

5 Nichicon Flagship 3,300 mF capacitors and two circuits in 1 stage.

Very Very Hi Speed is made in this part.



Very Nice Function~!!!!!

Can you see blue part????

That part is [[[Voltage Selector]]].

You can adjust Nayuta Flagship LPS voltage from 3V to 24V per one rail.

So you can use Nayuta Flagship LPS to your all devices.


Nayuta Flagship LPS final part.

You can see film capacitor coupling.

The capacitor is Mundorf Silver Gold Oil 0.22 mF and it makes Nayuta Flagship LPS keep exact, stable, very safe current.

Nayuta Flagship LPS is very fast, very good quality, and very safe.


This connector is Neutrik Flagship connector.

Power inlet is Furutech NCF.

Mr. Lee wants Oyaide parts, but he couldn't buy Oyaide connectors.

In Korea, Oyaide is not imported.

This connector is Furutech Flagship connector. (for connecting at Nayuta Flagship LPS)

In that connector, final regulator part in installed.

Cable is 7N Silver.

Nayuta Audio can make all type connectors.

If you tell me connector infos exactly, Mr. Lee can make all cables.

Of cause, you can choice cable length.







Speakers : Accuton 3ways 5speakers (D-25)

Source : SGM 2015 EVO / SGM Extreme   DAC : Trinity DAC
Pre Amp : KX-R Twenty     Power Amp : HF : NHB-108 LF : 400W Mono Block   Cables : All Entreq Atlantis
Grounding : 3 Olympus Tellus, 4 Poseidon, 1 Silver Tellus, 1 Atlantis Tellus 6 Atlantis Minimus, 3 Silver Minimus, 3 Gaia,  All Atlantis Eartha, 60 Peak
Power Conditioner : 2 Atlantis,

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15 minutes ago, Allan F said:

Shipping included. Wow! Now that makes it an irresistible bargain.


As well as pure unadulterated ADVERTISING which isn't supposed to be permitted in this forum


How a Digital Audio file sounds, or a Digital Video file looks, is governed to a large extent by the Power Supply area. All that Identical Checksums gives is the possibility of REGENERATING the file to close to that of the original file.


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8 hours ago, sandyk said:


As well as pure unadulterated ADVERTISING which isn't supposed to be permitted in this forum

In certain sites there is a dedicated "Manufacturers & Retailers" section for posts like these...

Maybe that would be a good idea, then again maybe not...

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1 hour ago, tedwoods said:

In certain sites there is a dedicated "Manufacturers & Retailers" section for posts like these...

There is one: Sponsored Forums

"Relax, it's only hi-fi. There's never been a hi-fi emergency." - Roy Hall

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." - William Bruce Cameron


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