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Which "no internet" music server ?


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Ah OK, needed to ask the question on how much hires there is.


Your system is a truly a shining example of digital audio playback evolution 👌  Where deficiencies existed, plug up the hole, but that leads to further loops of noise creation and chains that are forever expanding. It's good to step back and look again. TotalDAc is a good one, can keep it, as well as JS2.


Let's look for less is best. This is about the least.


This could be:

NAS + Roon Server - Keep ipad for control

Ethernet to Lumin U1 mini


a Lumin with built in LPS somewhere but is $$$$, but TotalDac not required.

Lumin U1 mini AES3 out to the TotalDAC

Etheregen somewhere in there too and use JS2 to power it



MacMini ( I have two) are noisy as and need to vanish. Audirvana is a nice program, but needs a (noisy) MacOs computer or (noisier) Windows,. Audirvana on Windows computer I have too but is a rubbish combo and needs more time to fix.


I know QNAP NAS can house Roon Server, but not sure how fast it responds, it depends on the NAS, a LOT.

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22 hours ago, rico25 said:

Thank you One and a half for these proposals 🙂


for information, I want to change dac because despite its naturalness and fluidity I am looking for something faster in note attacks (good for rock and electro), but it's another story, and that allows me however not to be limited to looking for a spdif only solution


I'm looking for an engaging sound, solid bass, speed and substance with a natural rendering

ready to invest $$$$ if result is here


... From my readings, but the readings do not make listening ... I was thinking of solutions like :

Naim NDS or NDX2 + Naim Core (allow direct connexion with spdif, and I am a naimee)

PinkFaun 2.16 + Euphony/Stylus to try to get more powerfull server (if power in the server = engaging music)


Oh, one thing that DIY music server has taught me, is that improvements to the source are as critical as the DAC.


It would be wise to improve 

a) the transmission from the source to the DAC

b) the source itself

c) star earthing

d) AC power (exclude conditioners)

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