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Uptone Audio EtherREGEN

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Uptone Audio EtherREGEN

I am the original owner.


I installed 4 heatsinks on the top to help with cooling.  With the heatsinks the unit runs cooler.  They can be removed if someone wants to do that.


Included in the sale is the stock power supply.  I only used it for a week before I purchased an upgraded LPS.


Price includes shipping to the CONUS and any paypal fees.



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    540.00 USD
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Speakers: Vandersteen Model 7s, 4 M&K ST-150Ts, 1 VCC-5; Amplification: 2 Vandersteen M7-HPAs, CI Audio D200 MKII, Ayre V-6xe; Preamp: Doshi Audio Line Stage v3.0; Phono Pre: Doshi Audio Phono Pre; Analog: Wave Kinetics NVS with Durand Telos composite arm; SME 3012R arm, Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement v2; Reel to Reel:  Technics RS-1500; Doshi Tape Pre-Amp; Studer A810, Studer A812, Tascam BR-20; Multi-channel: Bryston SP-3; Digital: Custom PC (Sean Jacobs DC4/Euphony/Stylus)> Lampizator Pacific

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