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Article: Review | Schiit’s latest Yggdrasil Incarnation

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On 11/3/2020 at 11:40 AM, Chorus said:

Good afternoon Mr. Graves.


When will you be announcing this new world beating DAC?




I’m writing the review now. Of course, I have no control over when Chris posts the review. 


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Very good write-up/review George.


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13 hours ago, Blake said:


I have no experience with the T+A, but I have owned the Yggy A2 (not Unison) and then right after that, I switched to the "regular" version of the Terminator.  I have since moved to the Terminator Plus.


I think the Yggy is a terrific DAC and could have lived happily with it.  I just had an itch to try the Terminator.  Someone asked for my thoughts a while back and I am just pasting my input below (my ears, preferences, YMMV, etc.):


"Hi _____,


I used my Berkely Alpha USB to connect to the Yggy A2 via AES/EBU and I think many people viewed this as the best sounding input on the Yggy.  With Unison out now, I have no idea how it compares to AES so that is one factor to keep in mind with my input.


Yggy Sonic Advantage:  The Yggy sounded a bit more full and fleshed out in the mids.


Terminator Sonic Advantages: (1) much better bass, deeper more impact, (2) the sound is much more open and transparent sounding, (3) the sound stage is bigger and more air, better separation and layering, (3) more resolving of micro detailing/plankton, and (4) more analog sounding and more smooth in a good way- not in a "gloss over the details way", 


I could get some ear fatigue with the Yggy that I don't get with the Terminator- comparatively the Yggy could sound a touch bright/hard, especially on some tracks.  Yggy is not bright, this is only compared to the Terminator.


Now, let's take a step back here.  It may sound like I didn't like the Yggy and that was not the case.  The Yggy is killer for the price.  The Chord Qutest gives it a run for the money at similar price point (if Qutest is powered by a good LPS) but otherwise Yggy is a no brainer DAC and might be even more so now with Unison.  Terminator is a lot more money.


Also, if sound stage prowess, a more open and clear and transparent sound and more detail is not a big factor, then a lot of what the Terminator brings to the table may not matter to that listener and they would prefer the Yggy. 


As a counterpoint, there are some legendary audio forum members such as Torq who did not care for the Terminator.  You will also see in some other audio fora some forum tribalism against Denafrips, but that is not surprising as lots of members have written the Terminator is a "giant killer".  Those types of comments can turn people against any product.  To be fair to Denafrips, they never made that declaration, others did.  Also, I don't think that tribalism is the reason Torq didn't care for the Termy.  I believe those are his honest opinions.  We all have different tastes.  Having said that, I will say Torq's Terminator review never made much sense to me as I hear it differently.  


The way I hear the Terminator is how AudioBacon describes it on his website in his review- check it out if you have not already done so.  I think he is spot on.  However, he prefers USB, I prefer I2S input with the Terminator.


Hope this helps.  Bottom line, your Yggy is a very good DAC."

Thanks - plenty seems to have been written about how the Yggy compares with Terminator, but seems as though nobody has compared the T+A DAC 8 DSD (running off DSD) with the newer R2R DAC's.

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