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Audio Mirror Tubadour III SE

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I rarely post and this is my first OP but I'd like to make a case for what I believe is an extraordinary DAC at an incredible value.


There's a 2 year old thread on this DAC at Audiogon but as I have no posting history there I thought this would be the more appropriate place to share my thoughts.


Simply put, this is a killer DAC. I took receipt of it 2 days ago and with only 8 hours of playing time it has performed far beyond what I would have thought possible for a $2500 purchase.


It's replacing an Ayre Codex and, frankly, there's no comparison. The tone, imaging and dynamics of what the Audio Mirror produces is superb and light years ahead of what I've had before (including an Exogal).


I'd be interested to hear other impressions, particularly from those who may have heard the Audio Mirror compared to a Lampizator, a Mojo Mystique, etc. Without personally hearing the aforementioned DACs I can't comment comment on the Audio Mirror's performance relative to much higher priced DACs but I know what I'm hearing is very special. A Terry London review at Stereo Times (http://v2.stereotimes.com/post/audio-mirror-tubadour-iii-se-nos-tube-dac-by-terry-london/) mirrors my thoughts. 


Vlad, the owner of Audio Mirror, also makes an incredible Mono Block SET amp that has been enthusiastically reviewed. He's based in Minnesota, a pleasure to deal with, and deserves, to my mind, the support of those who value beautiful sound. 



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Well, that confirms what I'm hearing. Particularly the replacing the Audio Note part.


I'll live with the DAC a few more weeks before offering any more thoughts on its sound qualities, as it reportedly benefits from a fair amount of hours to get all the way there.  

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I bought my Tubadour with all the upgrades at the outset so I can't speak to the difference but I can tell you that Vlad has obviously heard both and he suggests the upgrades so I would not hesitate to upgrade the DAC.  This DAC is very musical and analog like.  I play vinyl with high end equipment and the Tubadour gives it a run for the money.  Go for it.

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I have the upgraded SE model. I just wanted to sing Vlad’s praises. The left RCA output wasn’t working. Vlad kindly not only paid for round trip shipping but quickly repaired the DAC free of charge. From Vlad:


“It was something really simple.
The center pin of the RCA was pushed in.
I replaced both RCAs with silver ones. I also installed better filtering caps on the USB input which should give you better sound from USB.
Sorry for the troubles.”
Not only is this a great DAC but Vlad provided stellar customer service! Kudos to Vlad. 
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