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2v or 6v into a tube pre-amp? what would you do (and why?)


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On 10/26/2020 at 1:12 PM, 992Sam said:

I'm currently using the Rossini with just an Amp, as the pre-amp isn't due to arrive for a week or so...  the pre-amp (as listed in my signature) is a McIntosh C1100, which is a 100% tube pre-amp..   I don't know what type of volume control the Mc has (assuming digital), but the dCS is a digital volume control and so I assume I will want it set to the maximum (0.0db) once it's connected to the pre-amp... and then use the pre-amp volume knob, right?   But the bigger question is what voltage AND WHY?  2 or 6?  someone mentored more dynamic range in the 6v output, while someone else mentioned distortion possibly and over load?


Assuming your using the balanced connection, you can use an input anywhere from 900mV to 20V.  I'd say go with the 6V for the balanced connection.  Pro gear (which usually uses the balanced connection) is generally hotter -- up to 10V out.


OTOH, if you choose the unbalanced connection (450mV to 10V per C1100 manual), go with the .6V or the 2V (depending on the effect on the volume control).  Note that most consumer gear (which is what uses the unbalanced connection) would usually be somewhere between .7V to 1.3V where a CD player could be 2V output.) 


On 10/27/2020 at 8:00 PM, 992Sam said:

I guess I will start with .2


.2V is too low!

mQa is dead!

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