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Converting & Upsampling music files mp3, AAC, 256kbs, 320kbs


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3 hours ago, Convel said:

Thanks for the info.
I said I was green, I am now going down a rabbit hole and learning a lot this weekend.
I am considering storing songs using FLAC after reading into more formats.

I am pretty sure you said that saving/converting a new copy of a Lossy music file is best recorded using FLAC 24/44.1
Where CD quality FLAC 16/44.1 may convert the original lossy file with the potential for a very small sound error.

I know you can choose even higher sample rates than 44.1, though I am trying to keep file sizes down where possible.
Apparently FLAC 16/44.1 is 5mb per minute. Would going to 24/44.1 increase file size by 50%?


There is no reason to convert lossy format file into FLAC it will not turn the file into lossless. If you optained file in lossy, keep it in lossy. If you care about lossless, get it in lossless.

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1 hour ago, John Dyson said:

The reason is for consistency of an archive.   The single conversion to flac will do no damage (well, maybe bit level at 16bits), but after that the  entire achive can always be flac.   I don't like messy 'is this mp3 or opus or aac or flac' or whatever.   What about the crazy m4t or whatever formats also?  Resolve it all to one format, at least IMO.


The negative of keeping everything in flac is space.

The positive of keeping everything in flac is everything is the same.


If you prefer .wav, that is the same as .flac, but takes more space.  Also have the option of 32 bit or FP, but who cares about those?


Additionally, no real additional loss.

Certainly, converting to a lossless format will not make the file lossless, but storage space tends to be cheep cheep cheep (or is it cheap :-)).





The uniformity of an archive can be attractive in certain cases, there is no doubt. However, the day will come when the question arises whether certain files have been obtained in lossless initially or up converted from lossy? It is possible to find out, with the help of certain additional procedures. But do we seem to be talking about simplicity and convenience here?

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